2 juin 2020

EFCA launches 2020 edition of the ‘Future Trends in the Consulting Engineering Industry’

We are ready to make our choices on the road to becoming a “4.0 Industry”

The future is inevitable. The only constant is change and the rate of that change is increasing uncontrollably, or so all thought. But we never lived in such extraordinary times and never faced these exceptional levels of global uncertainty. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak will be with us for some time to come and it will have significant effects on our economies, businesses, ways of working, societies and way of life.


The 2018 Future Trends booklet looked at new “disruptive” technologies and revolutionary processes, and identified potential exponential models of evolution in the consulting engineering sector.


The 2019 edition focused on innovative, anticipatory strategies in new management models and how to make decisions by analysing data and information using these powerful new tools together with cognitive collaboration.


The 2020 booklet looks into the right mix of practical aspects and applications in these innovations within our specific field. It looks at the right combinations of technologies and techniques to adopt with various clients in different markets, taking into account the size of the company.


‘Along with the world, the industry as we know it is changing. It may not be the future the European AEC Community was expecting. It may not be the future it has prepared for. However, the European engineering consulting industry must change with it’, says Maurizio Boi, lead author of the booklet.


About the European consultancy industry
The European engineering consultancy industry employs more than 1 million staff, and generates more than 150 billion euro annual turnover.

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23 juillet 2020

Arcadis and Tractebel contribute to the 'Sustainable Development and a Greener Economy in low and middle-income countries'

EFCA, the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations, published the 'Sustainable Development and a Greener Economy in low and middle-income countries' booklet, where they are demonstrating the European Consulting Engineers’ capabilities to contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the external dimension of the European Green Deal, by preparing climate-friendly public and private investment projects and introducing new solutions, management processes, and innovative practices that accelerate the achievement of SDGs.

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27 juin 2020

BETIC rejoint VK Architects & Engineers

Membre d'ORI VK Architects & Engineers a repris la société d'ingénierie luxembourgeoise BETIC. Par cette acquisition, VK renforce encore ses ambitions de croissance internationale. Après l'acquisition d'EDV, de Stedec et de la société néerlandaise Infranea, Betic est la quatrième acquisition en 5 ans.

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26 juin 2020

FEB lance 'Focus Conjuncture': la crise du coronavirus ébranle notre prospérité

Twee keer per jaar bevraagt het Verbond van Belgische Ondernemingen (VBO) zijn sectorfederaties om de economische temperatuur op te meten. De enquête werd afgenomen in de tweede helft van mei. Uit de resultaten blijkt dat de gezondheidscrisis die we momenteel doormaken ook de economische gezondheid van het bedrijfsleven fel onder druk zet. Download hier het rapport.

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